Email access in Davos

Here’s the advice from André Schneider.

You may get questions by our AM participants on how to access their office mail while in Davos. Here are the three possibilites that we can offer our participants:

They can access via Internet their office mail. This is done using a protocol called POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3). To find out if they can do that they have to address their technical staff to find out if their office mail supports POP3. If this is the case they should send their technical staff to our AM private area to fill in the “Office Mail Account Registration” with the appropriate information. If, in any case, they have forgotten to do so prior to the AM, they can address themselves to the IT Help Desk (just to the left of the ASCOM Communication Center) with the appropriate POP3 definitions and have their office mail set up on the kiosk.

For those who have done so, a special button will appear in the mail screen of the kiosk (with the word POP3). When they click this button all their office mail will be retrieved and displayed on the kiosk.

If they do not have POP3 access, they can when arriving at Davos send an e-mail from the kiosk to their home office. This will allow the home office assistant to forward the mail to the address in Davos.

WARNING: This address will only work during the AM and therefore we cannot distribute these email addresses prior to their arrival. To avoid mail errors at the end of the AM, when the mail accounts are disabled, we recommend to send at departure a mail to the office to indicate that the forwarding should from then on be stopped.

Participants can also come with their laptop computers. If they encounter any problems with the telephone lines at their hotel room, they can address themselves at the IT Help Desk (just on the left of the ASCOM Communication Center), where they will be able to get assistance, adaptor plugs, or an extra telephone line put into their hotel room. Services provided by this IT Help Desk, like a special telephone line, are at the participant’s cost.

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