Dealing with comment spam and Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives

Like many others, I occasionally suffer from comment spam. Fortunately, WordPress has a nifty option where you can list any words that should trigger holding a comment in a moderation queue, or even blacklisting it. There’s even a helpful list of common spam words in the WordPress Codex.

What, however, is Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives doing in the list? Of course I’d regard anything from the Conservative party as spam, but still…

2 thoughts on “Dealing with comment spam and Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives

  1. Charles

    As I say at, the VOGCs had a domain, let it lapse, and the porn spammers moved in, grabbed the domain and then put out pointers to it in a blog spam run.

    As I point out in my article for The Register, at (the spelling is correct), they use open proxies – which is why WP 1.5 (like this) has an option to block or moderate comments or trackbacks from those machines. Trackback spam is the worst.


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