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The flip side of amateurism

In some of the discussions about weblogs, I’ve been an advocate for passionate amateurs. But an important distinction needs to be made. There’s nothing great about an amateur who is ignorant.

That seems to be the pattern in the British system of government. Yesterday, Tony Blair announced a host of new ministerial appointments. The one of most interest to the world I run around in for business, was Douglas Alexander as the new e-minister.

Alexander is unquestionably a bright, young politician, of whom great things are expected. But he has shown little to no interest in the past in the Internet or new technology. The likelihood is that he will be beholden to the so-called experts in the department of trade and industry and elsewhere as he climbs his learning curve. When he begins to sort things out for himself, he will almost certainly be moved on to another post.

Incidentally, The Register reckons Douglas’ sister Wendy is the Alexander Blair really wanted.

Bush’s Baedecker

Salon offers president Bush some help with his first trip to Europe. “Brussels is world-renowned for its Brussels sprouts, known locally as ‘sprouts’. They are considered a delicacy and are served at every meal, often as a topping on waffles.”

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