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The easy response of foreigners to the goings on in Florida has been mockery. Duncan Smeed, for example, has a copy of an email revoking US independence. It’s amusing for some people, I guess.

A more interesting approach is discussed by Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian. Freedland wrote an interesting book, Bring Home the Revolution, when he returned from a stint as US correspondent a couple of years ago. It was an eloquent argument for a written constitution (which the UK doesn’t have), and for the open, rights-oriented attitude that permeates so much of US society.

For Freedland, the Florida mess (or michegas, as Dave Winer prefers) also shows many of the US strengths. “If [officials and judges] had simply emerged, accountable to no one – like our own judiciary or quangocracy – the problem would not have arisen. But Americans prefer democracy… In America what looks like farce often conceals an admirable pursuit of democracy.”

Remember that if you live in a country where a non-elected monarch, dictator or committee of wise men would make key decisions.

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