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From Scripting News: Who do you look to for thoughts on future revolutions in technology and publishing? (That’s what Seybold is about.) So there’s the question. Who would you like to hear from? There will be a website and white papers to go with this session. We talked about asking NPR to broadcast it. It’s a good time to look for new revolutions. That’s what we’re going to do. [Scripting News]

Dave Winer is planning to orchestrate with Seybold a September “mega-summit” on What’s the next revolution? I think some fresh thinking in the area is desperately needed, and pushing and prodding from an iconoclast like Dave could turn up some novel thinking.

So I’m starting to think about his challenge to come up with speakers. I’d start with two. I’d certainly ask Raj Reddy, who I find a clear thinker and a thoroughly good person. Jason Epstein is the industry eminence who has thought the hardest about the issues.

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