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Another papal choice 

Preposterous Universe: “My goodness. They’ve elected Larry Summers as Pope.”

Aids in India 

I could care less about the white smoke in Rome. The most significant story I read today is about India replacing South Africa as the country with the highest number of people living with Aids or HIV.

Richard Feachem, executive director of the Global Fund to Fight Aids: “The epidemic [in India] is growing very rapidly. It is out of control. There is nothing happening in India today that is big or serious enough to prevent it.”

Good move 

As someone who spends a useful amount of my day either Skyping or Skype Outing, Lenn Pryor’s move from Microsoft to Skype makes a lot of sense. My plane heading from London to Berkeley may cross in midair with Lenn’s moving from LA to London.

Google Maps UK not quite there yet 

The wonderful Google Maps has now expanded to Britain. Sadly it’s missing the wonderful satellite option (I find Google Sightseeing completely addictive), but there are some deeper problems on a quick inspection.

I typed in my London address — number, street and full post code — and it returned “did not match any locations”. Add the city, London, and still the same result.

It only worked when I deleted my house number. So it can find my street, but it’s befuddled by a street address, at least for a certain inner London district. Not very good yet.

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