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Another must-have Web resource 

If you have any interest in what’s happening economically in the world, have a look at the Roubini Global Economics Monitor. A fabulous resource (even if the user interface is a bit gimmicky — and still in beta, so some links are still not functioning).

Humour works, even in politics 

I think the thing I’ll miss most about Britain when I complete my move to Berkeley this summer is the humour applied even to very serious events.

Last year, I received hundreds of emails from Howard Dean, John Kerry et al encouraging me to support the Democratic campaign. I never saw anything like John O’Farrell’s plea to give to the Labour party campaign.

  £1 could pay for a carefully targeted mail shot to a Mr Michael Howard of Westminster.
  £10 could pay for a pile of leaflets for you to leave by your front door (before finally posting one at your ward organiser’s house to make him think you’d delivered the lot).
  £100 could pay towards a Labour poster and we’ll try not to put Michael Howard’s face near where you live.
  £10,000 is frankly more than you are going to give, so I don’t know why we put this here.

Apparently it raised £50,000, which may not sound a lot in the context of American political campaigns, but in Britain is an enormous amount.

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