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A US Democrat views the British election 

New Donkey:

The bottom line is that on every key issue facing his country, our country, and the world, Tony Blair has an abundance of exactly what virtually all U.S. Democrats say a party of the center-left should have: a clear, articulate vision; a values-based progressive message that does not ignore collective security or cultural issues; and a full agenda for shaping change in the interests of most people, especially those with no privilege or power, even in places like Africa.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Election 05 

I’ll be out of London for at least half of the campaign and for election day itself.

Fortunately, this year there will be plenty of resources to keep track of the UK general election. Both the BBC and The Guardian have started election weblogs, and both offer RSS feeds — although it takes a couple of clicks to get to the BBC’s feed, a design choice which I don’t understand. The Guardian’s weblog features a folksonomic graphic, which is clever but not particularly useful.

Unsurprisingly, both blogs pick up the story of the Alastair Campbell weblog. The Guardian reckons it must be a hoax; the BBC feels it’s probably a hoax, but isn’t sure. I have to say that if it is a hoax — and the odds are that it is — whoever is writing it has effected a complete mind merge with Campbell himself. The tone is right, the details are uncanny and it’s both funny and absorbing.

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