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Peter Preston: “What is this tosh about Labour losing?”

Let the Labour supporters flow 

Bloggers4Labour has implemented an integral newsfeed from the various Labour-supporting sites. Good idea.

Chronicle of a death foretold 

The Guardian has an extract from Geoffrey Wheatcroft’s new book anatomising the death of the Conservative party in the UK.

It’s a salutary reminder for those who are either fainthearted about supporting Labour at the next election or those who are worried about Labour failing to win a third consecutive victory.

  And yet the Tories are now whistling in the dark to keep their spirits up. They have been out of office for longer than at any time in 90 years, they are facing a traumatic third defeat, and even the fact that they are talking hopefully of holding Blair to a 50-seat majority speaks for itself. In many ways, the Tories had been undone by their own achievements, and have suffered from what Peter Walker once called “the problems of success”. It might indeed be said that Tony Blair’s government is Margaret Thatcher’s greatest success, while the fate of her own party is her greatest failure.

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