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The BBC and podcasting 

Stuart Hughes reports on the BBC’s positive experiment with podcasting:

  An internal BBC press release says:
  “More than 70,000 people downloaded Radio 4’s In Our Time programme in November.
  “The series, which explored the history of ideas, was available to download for seven days after broadcast for use on portable players and computers, as well as being available via live and on-demand streaming.
  “The mp3 download experiment aimed to test the public’s demand for radio downloads.
  “Podcasting, which allowers listeners to have new programmes automatically delivered to their computer as soon as they are posted on the web, also proved popular with technology-savvy listeners.
  “Simon Nelson, controller of radio and music interactive, said he was ‘surprised and delighted’ by the high demand for downloads on one of Radio 4’s most challenging programmes.
  “He said he would be working with rights holders to explore ways R&M interactive could earn from the experiment to drive radio listening forward.”

Bush and Hruska  

By some strange serendipity, I quoted senator Roman Hruska to a friend just the other day. The Bull Moose does much better (it’s so good that I have to quote at length):

  The Moose congratulates the President for redeeming mediocrities.
  The late Senator Roman Hruska (R-NE) anticipated the Presidency of George W. Bush. Senator Hruska gained immortality with an observation he made in response to President Nixon’s nomination of G. Harold Carswell to the Supreme Court. Hruska defended the controversial choice this way,
  “Even if he was mediocre, there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers,” Hruska declared. “They are entitled to a little representation, aren’t they, and a little chance? We can’t have all Brandeises and Cardozos and Frankfurters and stuff like that there.”
  That comment came to the Moose’s mind with the announcement that W. is Time’s Person of the Year. The President has done so much, with so little.
  George W. Bush is an inarticulate, incurious, unaccomplished man who has been re-elected to the most powerful office in the world despite relatively low approval ratings. He is the blameless beneficiary of South Carolina and swift boat slime while he casts himself as a compassionate conservative. His primary domestic acomplishments are turning surpluses into deficits and redistributing wealth to the comfortable.
  He is the Mr. Magoo of American politics who has presided over a war that was based on a premise that was wrong and a post-war period that has proven to be disastrous. He eschews all responsibility and admits no wrong.
  He is America’s chief beneficiary of the soft bigotry of low expectations.
  George W. Bush is Time’s Person of the Year. He is the Hruska Mediocrity of the Century.

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