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Ahead of the curve 

Harry’s Place has a wonderful roundup of likely seasonal columns by some of Britain’s finest. Caution: the humour requires a fairly detailed knowledge of newspaper columnists in the UK.

Startling China fact 

I hope Tyler Cowen keeps up his China fact of the day. Today:

  At $1.2 trillion, Italian GDP is roughly the size of China’s, and Italy’s total foreign-trade value of $750 billion is only slightly smaller than that of the mainland.

Yes, but. I remember in the ’90s the French ambassador responsible for attracting foreign direct investment to the hexagon was a Davos regular. He endlessly went on about the size of the French economy compared to China or any other flavour of the moment.

Where will global corporations find opportunity in the next 10 to 20 years, however? For most, it won’t be France or Italy.

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