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Indicators for the falling dollar 

Tyler Cowan: “Overall, the more scare stories you read about a falling dollar, the less you should worry. The Major Media aren’t exactly ahead of the curve on an issue like this. Their scare-mongering means that the real dangers have already been capitalized and digested. It is when you read blog posts like this one that you should fear the worst…”

Channelling Gibbon to explain open source 

Brad DeLong: “Think of it this way: Microsoft is like the late Roman Empire, IBM is like the Huns, and the Linux programmers are like the Goths. IBM’s support of Linux is the analogue of the Huns driving the Goths before them to soften up the Roman Empire at the end of the fourth century.”

The first Nobel prizewinner weblog 

There’s nothing on it yet, but economics Nobelist Gary Becker and judge and legal scholar Richard Posner have set up a weblog. From the first demo entry, it seems as if Larry Lessig helped them set it up. If Becker and Posner start writing, this could be very interesting (via Eugene Volokh).

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