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There are some people within the Forum who like to build the stress as the start of the Annual Meeting approaches. But for the most part, there is an excellent, well-honed machine working towards the opening moments (I’d say a Swiss machine, except the Forum is appropriately a rainbow nation, not a single culture).

The weather is magnificent: sunny, with loads of snow, and really, really cold. When I walked to the Congress Centre early this morning, the thermostat at the bus stop read -28 degrees Centigrade (that’s -18F, for benighted, non-metric folks). If you like this kind of thing, you’ll delight in this non-Annual Meeting Davos piece from Salon about sledding down from the Schatzalp.

More relevant to the content of Davos, the Financial Times has a preview piece. One of my team described it as bland. I thought it was lazy (a clippings job, little more).

***More news

We’ve included a link on Davos Newbies to Newsweek’s Daily Davos site. My friend Michael Elliot, editor of Newsweek International, generally (always) neglects duty on Sunday morning to go skiing in Davos. His guide to the best runs is worth a look.

UserLand’s Dave Winer is going to try to do WAP at Davos.

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