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The number of articles on Davos is growing as the opening of the meeting nears. CNNfn has a preview piece that makes a nice play on the two Bills: the “world’s most powerful man”, Bill Gates, and the “almost as powerful” Bill Clinton. The Washington Post has a not very kind piece that focuses on the companies that help support the Forum. We have 850 different people involved in the programme as panelists and moderators, more than half of the participants. Anne Swardson focuses on ones who come from partner companies, including Sun’s John Gage.

I’d like to link to Dan Atkinson’s little piece from The Guardian on their site, but it provides hopeless navigation to previous days’ articles. So you’ll have to live with our discussion group posting.

On more practical matters, Cal Tech’s Nate Lewis has asked me about email access in Davos. There is the Novell Internet café with PCs in the Congress Centre, but the Forum’s technical supremo André Schneider has provided some additional advice.

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