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How do you say Happy Meal in Azeri? 

The 34 Languages of McDonald’s is one of the most fun and informative Internet quizzes I’ve come across. A must for anyone interested in language.

Often seen school money told fact night 

Via the excellent Design Observer, I’ve come across Word Count, which presents the 86,800 most frequently used words in English ranked by commonality. Lance is 16,102nd.

There’s an odd sort of poetry in the list. Consider this run, from rank 224: “Often seen school money told fact night.”

The data comes from the British National Corpus, which on first glance under-represents current usage. Web only ranks 10,182nd, between abbot and gastrin.

Interview with Putin 

The Guardian’s Jonathan Steele was part of a three-hour discussion with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Some of the most sensational quotes were reported yesterday, but the more measured article today is important reading for anyone interested in understanding Putin in the aftermath of Beslan.

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