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This posting merits a dateline, since Davos Newbies will now be written and dispatched from the epicentre of activity.

The weather report was accurate: there’s tons of snow and it’s still coming down. From our perspective, it’s better that the snow comes now than on Thursday (or Saturday, given the Clinton logistics).

On the programme, we’re just tinkering now, filling the odd gap caused by late shifts in plan. I can’t say for sure, but given the news from Ecuador, I doubt that Benjamin Ortiz, foreign minister at last report, will be coming this week.

***New York Times on Davos

Paul Krugman: The Magic Mountain. “The scene at Davos — the superrich and their trophy wives schmoozing with officials elected and appointed, the lavish parties thrown by third-world nations, and so on — represents a sort of distilled essence of everything that people love to hate about the New World Order. Those on both left and right who view globalization as a sort of conspiracy by rootless cosmopolitans against the rest of us could hardly have asked for a better spectacle.”

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