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On the other hand 

Steve Bell:

In contrast to Jonathan Glancey (see below), the usually puerile Steve Bell hits the mark for me today. Fortunately, Kerry/Edwards is a lot better than Somebody/Anybody, but it’s true that it would be hard to imagine any combination not being better than Bush/Cheney.


Many, many years ago I shared an office with Jonathan Glancey, and I continue to read his architectural criticism with interest.

But when he strays onto political turf, as The Guardian seems to give him license to do, it makes for very disheartening reading. Today he riffs that the planned Freedom Tower in New York should be renamed.

“Whose freedom? Not, presumably, that of the 11,000 Iraqi citizens killed in the war. Certainly not that of Iraqis abused in Abu Ghraib. Nor that of the two million Americans jailed in a cruel and unusual prison system run as a rapidly growing business enterprise.”

Instead he suggests the Free Enterprise Tower. This kind of cleverness is what gives the left a bad name. I think the idea of a 1,776-ft high tower named freedom is a bit hokey, but I definitely don’t think that building something on the Twin Towers site should be a cue for mindless anti-Americanism.

You do the math 

John Robb: “Another way to look at the effectiveness of our defense spending. Let’s assume that there are only 5,000 hard core terrorists in the world (not a bad assumption). We spend, all in, $700 billion a year on defense/security. That’s $140,000,000 per terrorist. This is a gross simplification, but you get the idea.”

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