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What makes Wimbledon Wimbledon 

The Guardian: “The lawniness of the lawns, no less than the Pimm’s and strawberries, are what make Wimbledon what it is. The perfection of those [grass] stripes, for instance, is no accident. Even with a state-of-the-art machine, every mower operator has his own distinctive style of overlapping — therefore each court is mown by the same man for the duration.”

Excellent advice 

Jay Rosen has a wonderfully perceptive analysis of what would be valuable about a Bill Gates weblog:

“An original weblog by Bill Gates — rich, famous, powerful, controversial person — could be a fourth way a business titan deals with the press: as author and critic, reading the headlines, putting certain ideas at risk, inserting himself into public conversation as a citizen of the planet, a reader of the news, (a sharp, funny person) editing the Web like all good weblogs do, and finding a honest voice in which to speak. Cure your blog of public relations, every hint and drop, or don’t do it at all.”

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