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Foreign Affairs flop 

When I was running World Link, I’d describe it to people (somewhat grandly, I admit) as Foreign Affairs meets Harvard Business Review. But I’d be unhappy to compare anything I produced to Foreign Affairs if this is how they behave in the face of pressure from Henry Kissinger.

Not something the far livelier and fresher Foreign Policy would ever do.

The red button 

Steve Bowbrick is excited about the Glastonbury festival coverage he gets by pressing the red button on his television remote, but I can hardly get over the BBC’s use of interactive broadcasting for its Wimbledon coverage.

Press the red button and you are presented with a selection of five different matches to watch. What a wonderful liberation from being chained to the vagaries of BBC producer choices.

Quiz night 

As a lover of the arcane and odd, I set our local school’s quiz night on Friday. My favourite of the 100 questions was: “What did Henri Matisse like to do for up to two hours a day to limber up his fingers before painting?”

Answer: play the violin.

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  1. Tracey Taylor

    My comment on this page is that there is nothing to comment about. Has Davos Newbies man left the building?


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