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I should have done this earlier, but I’ve posted the full text of president Clinton’s answer to Klaus Schwab’s final question to him: what’s your single most important wish for the business leaders gathered here. Clinton’s summing up: “When good people, with great energy, have shared vision, all the rest works out.” But the entire answer is worth a read.

When you have read Clinton’s answer, you should also read Dave Winer’s exegesis of it, in terms of the Internet.

If you want an evocative reminder of the final day of the 2000 Annual Meeting, have a look at the photo of the Schatzalp lunch posted on Scripting News.

I think Dave needs to work on his German spelling, but it’s the spontaneity that counts.

2 thoughts on “Davos Newbies Home

  1. Schuyler Marshall

    Iagree that President Clinton’s answer to the last Q was good, and perhaps more impressive than his prepared remarks. Mr Peres’ remarks during the Peace Imperative forum were profuondly moving, and if they have been transcribed, Id love to get a copy.


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