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MP stands for McDonalds’ patsies 

Fourteen British MPs have flown to Portugal courtesy of McDonald’s to play a football match against Portuguese politicians. This is shortly after a damning select committee report on the dangers and costs to society of increasing obesity. Courageously, none of the MPs would agree to be interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

Doubly benighted  

I didn’t think it could get worse than being a Cubs fan, but I now find that cheering for England’s football team may impose even greater pain.

Perhaps rashly, I told my son this morning that even if he lives for another 100 years, he’ll never see a team lose a game so spectacularly as last night.

Totally irrationally, I’m beginning to wonder if my absolute confidence that Labour will win the next general election may be as ill-placed as my belief at 90 minutes that England would hold on for the win. Fortunately, politics doesn’t have the wild swings of sport. I hope.

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