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My admiration for people who maintain daily or near-daily weblogs has soared in the last few months. Having kept up Davos Newbies for about two months, I let it lapse into long hibernation.

Part of the hiatus was because my energies were diverted to my other (my “real”) media outlet, World Link. But it was also because of a natural break in the Davos cycle itself.

Perhaps I waited too long, however. Having intended to resume regular service in the autumn, I found that my regular service was no longer required for the Davos programme. The good news is I don’t have to go to Geneva every week. The bad news is that I really loved doing the Davos programme — something I hope came across in Davos Newbies.

I don’t intend to let the site lapse, but I certainly won’t have daily tidbits to feed. I’m going to try to compile some of the knowledge embedded in the site in a more user friendly manner, so if you want to know, for example, what to wear in Davos, you don’t have to search through my January 2000 postings for the details but can cut straight to the chase.

My weblogging, for the moment, has moved largely over to the World Link site, which will also crosslink to Newbies.

3 thoughts on “Davos Newbies Home

  1. phil wolff

    Has a new programme coordinator been named? Perhaps that person can chime in? In addition to orientation to the Forum, one of the interesting, and continually fresh, DavosNewbies angles is the open brainstorming of topics, themes, and presenters for the next one.

    – phil wolff [http://dijest.editthispage.com/%5D

  2. Lance Knobel

    The new head of the programme is Maurizio Travaglini. Your suggestion is a good one, but the prevailing belief at the Forum is that Davos Newbies was a dangerous renegade activity. They’d far rather have something edited, filtered and controlled from within.

    Part of my discovery on Davos Newbies was how much an independent, unfiltered outlet was liberating for my own thoughts — and those of some of my colleagues. But, as Dave Winer has often pointed out, such ventures can threaten certain institutions. That’s why they are good, but it’s also why many organisations won’t let them thrive.

  3. Robert Mesko

    Dear Lance,

    I am the Founder of Bratislava Dance Theater, Slovakia’s first professional modern dance and the only dance company I know of in Central Europe which functions on the basis of a business-arts partnership.

    After proving our viability both in Slovakia and internationally, my vision right now is to come to Davos in either 2001 or 2002 with BDT and give a combined program of performance plus lecture demonstrating that the the concept of entrepreuneurship, in our case cultural entrepreneurship, can work in practically any circumstances, even in a post-communist young democracy.

    So my question is, who do I turn to to make this happen? Also what is the address for getting in touch with Klaus Schwab?

    Robert Mesko


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