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What progress?  

Conflict map: An interactive map of conflicts over the last century from the Nobel e-Museum

The Nobel e-Museum has creating something important and sobering in its interactive conflict map.

What was particularly terrifying for me was to run the slide through the century and to graphically see how 100 years of progress in so many areas is shadowed by the proliferation of deadly conflicts around the world.

A European poser 

Dave Winer wants to find a retreat somewhere in Europe in the countryside, not too far from good train connections, with swimming nearby and reasonable comfort.

That should all be fine (although he’s left it rather late for this summer), but his top requirement may be difficult to fulfil: good Internet connection.

I suspect that the most wired countries like Sweden and Finland may be able to satisfy that last item, but in the lazy summer good life of France, Spain or Italy, good phones in my experience are a rarity, to say nothing of decent connectivity. Lots of suggestions are appearing here.

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