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Look ma, no hands 

Micah Sifry: “If it’s true that, as the New Yorker cartoon put it, ‘On the Internet, no one knows if you’re a dog,’ it’s also true that on the Internet no one likes it if you don’t come across as a human being.”

He accurately terms this “The Cluetrain Manifesto explained while standing on one foot.”

There are many ways to show bias 

USNWR: The unbelievable spin created by a rigged cover on a supposedly serious news magazine

Daily Kos spotted the cover of US News and World Report with the cover line, The Way They Were. But as Kos points out and Richard Gayle expands, the cover is pure propaganda.

Richard Gayle: “I always knew that US News and World Report was conservative leanng but this is a pretty obvious propaganda cover. Kerry volunteers for Vietnam, gets wounded, receives medals, is highly commended by his superior officers. He is shown in a coat and tie. Bush never came closer to Vietnam than the South, failed to take a flight physical, had superior officiers that had no idea of where he was. He is shown in a uniform. Kerry is looking off to the side, away from the viewer. Bush is looking straight at the viewer. Kerry is in harsh red tint (pinko?). Bush is in cool blue (patriotic?) Many people will see the images and never reas the article.”

As November approaches, expect much, much more of the same and worse.

Of course, the same cover on a different publication (The Onion, say) would be seen as funny and ironic, it’s so far off base.

Plea for Europe 

Marcelo Rinesi has a nice reaction to the latest study showing the virtually irreversible prospect of European demographic decline.

“[Europe] better get back on track now, if they want to still be relevant in the XXIInd century. Which I hope they are, because between the still-only-potemkin-democratic chinese and the schizophrenic great-crazy-MIT-fun-nanotech-weirdness/scary-arrogant-not-that-bright-DC-guidance americans (and I’m talking about both sides of the aisle, mind you), I think it’d be a loss for the world if, say, Sweden doesn’t get to be some sort of world player. I’m just saying.”

At last, a World Economic Forum weblog 

Here’s a nice surprise for the weblog world: the World Economic Forum has started an official blog during its European Economic Summit in Warsaw.

It is being run by Löic Le Meur and Samantha Tonkin.

As the original Davos blogger (thanks to Dave‘s encouragement), I certainly wish it great success. What would be wonderful is if they recognise the value of the blog is heightened outside Forum events. Keep it up all year round and give people insight into what’s happening at the Forum. There’s no better tool for openness and transparency, two things the Forum very much seeks.

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