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What century are we in?  

BBC: “Farmers struggling to make a living in Yorkshire are being urged to head for the American Mid West. A team from South Dakota is in the region on the latest stop in a campaign to persuade British farmers to change continents.”

Ageing China  

Bonobo Land discusses Nicholas Eberstadt’s analysis of worldwide ageing.

“Between 2000 and 2025 China’s median age is set to rise very substantially: from about 30 to around 39. According to [United Nations Population Division] projections for 2025, in fact, China’s median age will be higher than America’s. The impending tempo of population aging in China is very nearly as rapid as anything history has yet seen. It will be far faster than what was recorded in the more developed regions over the past three decades and is exceeded only by Japan. There is a crucial difference, however, between Japan’s recent past and China’s prospective future. To put the matter bluntly, Japan became rich before it became old; China will do things the other way around.”

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