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Essential freedoms 

The New York Times Digital Editor-in-Chief Len Apgar reckons personal blogs by the paper’s journalists are out of the question.

Prints the Chaff ponders the oddity of one of the great defenders of press freedom saying, in effect, “You can write anything you want so long as you OK it with us first.”

Koufax awards 

Whiskey Bar understandably cleaned up in the Koufax awards for left-wing blogs.

Why I need weblogs 

A Financial Times news story had convinced me that Japan’s economy was looking up. Helpfully, Edward Hugh explains why it isn’t so.

“Since deflation actually accelerated (or so the contested GDP deflator purports to show), then prices actually dropped more quickly than before, and when you make allowance for all this you get an apparent acceleration in GDP – a difference between a quarterly 0.7%, which when corrected for deflation produces the 1.7% which when multiplied by four gives the 7% rate.”

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