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Edwards’ contribution 

An interesting perspective on the Democratic race from The Decembrist: “It’s time to argue that Senator John Edwards’… contribution to the party and to modern liberalism may be more important, more daring, and more lasting [than Dean]. His contribution was in challenging the lazy assumption of ‘universalism’ that has dominated the language and program of liberals and Democrats.”

You’ve got to be kidding 

From today’s Financial Times: “France Telecom stunned the management consulting industry on Thursday when it emerged that in 2002 the French operator spent an estimated €1.5bn ($1.9bn) on consultancy out of total revenues of €46bn.”

I don’t think it’s the management consulting industry that should be stunned, it’s the rest of us. Fortunately, new CEO Thierry Breton has cut €444 million from the company’s spending on consulltants, lawyers and bankers. If we could find out what companies are spending on consultants, I suspect it would provide a reliable inverse relationship to the quality of the firm.

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