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On the agenda 

“It’s beginning to set the agenda.” Bill Thompson reports on the blogging and politics discussion held at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday. Some great stuff from Tom Watson.

A choice 

Jim Moore shines an open an honest light into the Dean campaign: “The Dean campaign, meanwhile, is now either going to become a solid contributor to our political landscape and society — bringing real value and a return to investors who want to make a difference, or the campaign will wither away.”

The model 

As the Dean campaign tries to regain its bearings, Chris Lydon makes the crucial point: “Is there any question that the model of mayor’s races and Congressional campaigns in the future will be found in the citizen spirit that the Deaniacs put to work? This is the point that I believe old pros like Al Gore and Tom Harkin were endorsing. They’ve seen the future of progressive organizing, and they know it works.”

One more 

I found a pointer to Simon Zadek’s Davos diary. Well worth a read for a progressive perspective on the summit:

“What is so astonishing about Davos is that it brought together the best brains and hearts of the world’s business, political and spiritual leaders, covered every conceivable topic under the sun — and yet managed to avoid serious, open debate about what is really happening in the world.

“There was no real debate about how today’s American Dream has established an essentially colonial and destructive attitude towards the rest of us; no real debate about the extraordinary loss of civil rights that comes with this new discipline; and no real debate about the utterly cynical behaviour of many business leaders towards their shareholders, let alone workers and communities.

“There was, moreover, no real debate about how our leaders show neither remorse nor shame as they defy their citizens and the laws of the land in taking for themselves, and leading their countries (against the clearly-voiced interests of their citizens) to war against others, and ultimately against themselves.

“Dick Cheney’s speech spelt it out in words of one syllable. We do it our way, when we want, and how we want. You do it with us, or you are alone, at best. At worst, by abandoning us and making us seem visibly illegitimate, you will earn the status of Enemy — not of al-Qaida, or Saddam, or the evil axis of North Korea or Iran — but of ‘Us’, the United States.”

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