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Calendar wars 

Jane Galt: “Every year, the Muslims creep forward by another eleven days while we wait, helplessly, for them to overtake us. On May 1st, 20874, the Muslim Calendar will pull even with the Gregorian, and thereafter, the Muslims will be ahead of us. By 20909, the Muslim world will be a full year ahead of us. How can we hope to compete, economically, if the Muslim world is able to tap the technological riches of the future while we remain mired in a less advanced present? The only solution is to act now to preserve our competitive advantage. We must switch to a lunar calendar now, to ensure that Western society will forever be The Society of the Future.”

Please note that the Jewish calendar is already 3,760 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese calendar is 2,698 years ahead. Both are lunar but the Jewish calendar is intercalcated periodically so that it remains roughly a solar year in length.

Weblogs in Hansard 

Tom Watson in the House of Commons last night during the adjournment debate: “Webloggers around the world have raised a specific point about the new wireless technology, which is known as radio frequency identification — RFID. I want to begin by thanking several weblogs for alerting me to RFID technology and its uses in Britain and abroad.”

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