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Greatest threat  

It was enormously heartening to see that David King, the UK’s government’s chief scientific adviser, write so forcefully about the threat of climate change in Science magazine.

“In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today — more serious even than the threat of terrorismÂ… As the world’s only remaining superpower, the US is accustomed to leading internationally co-ordinated action. But at present the US Government is failing to take up the challenge of global warming.”

I’ve heard King talk about this subject. His argument is that the idea of delaying substantive action in the expectation that technology will provide a way out is an illusion. In Science (subscribers only), he writes, “Delaying action for decades, or even just years, is not a serious option. I am firmly convinced that if we do not stop now, more substantial, more disruptive, and more expensive change will be needed later on.”

Making a choice  

Edward Hugh has a calm, reasoned look at his preferences for the US election.

“I think it is important because we are going to be facing a set of relatively unique [sic], and certainly novel problems on the global level, and we all need a US president who is focused on those problems, open to dialogue, and capable of gaining the confidence of the rest of the world. Now more than ever we need a coalition of the willing as we try to get to terms with a whole slew of problems which can really only be confronted on a global level: the nation state has, as it were, seen better days.”

He singles out Dean and Clark. Good choices.

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