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Oy what a day 

I happily sat down at my computer this morning to finish up the last bits of work before signing off for the holidays. More fool I.

Innocently, I agreed to install the latest Windows service pack and went on working while it installed in the background. But something froze and I got irritated. So I tried to quit out of the installation. To make a long story short, something totally, totally buggered my hard drive.

It’s now 10 hours later and I’ve tried everything. There’s no hope for it. I’ll just have to buy a new hard drive somewhere and consign all the data on my old one to the dustbin (the best price I could find for recovery was around £800 and my data isn’t worth that much to me). Fortunately, most things I care about are either on the Web — Davos Newbies and just about all my writing — or on my iPaq and my iPod.

So other than a wasted day and considerable frustration, it’s not really all that bad, in the grand scale of things.

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