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The UK government is very fond of targets, something that is often derided. But real numerical targets do set a benchmark for performance that is difficult to fudge.

Yesterday trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt announced a goal of every household in Britain having online access by 2008. Since only 50% are connected now (the majority on dial-up connections), 2008 is a hugely ambitious target. I think it will be hugely difficult to achieve, but it’s a worth aim.

Seasonal greetings  

An email out of the ordinary today: Christmas greetings from a regular reader of Davos Newbies who wishes me “a happy new year of successful blogging”. That’s wonderfully nice and will certainly inspire me to read the Adam Smith Blog more regularly. Thanks Alex.

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  1. Nico Macdonald

    The numerical target may be specific but the nature of a connected household is vague, verging on the unambitious. The government is still fixated with the fixed-line connected PC (or at best TV), and is oblivious to ease- or context-of use. As I noted in a letter to the Guardian “We will start to realise the potential of the Internet when we have Internet-enabled devices in our living rooms and kitchens, about our person and in public spaces” (Halfway to the network society?).


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