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Date for the diary 

blair: Prime minister Tony Blair and Homer Simpson

Mark 9 January in your diaries. That’s when The Simpsons’ Regina Monologues, with a cameo by Tony Blair, is going to air in Britain.

Like most shows, I find The Simpsons is often at its weakest when it leaves home ground. But one of the dominant images in my mind yesterday in Canberra was the episode where the family goes to Australia’s capital to apologise for Bart’s insulting behaviour. When you see Parliament House, it’s clear that it was built for Austria, and someone has hastily scribbled in the extra “al”.

On the ground 

Doc Searls rightly points to an important posting in Baghdad Burning:

“The troops were pushing women and children shivering with fear out the door in the middle of the night. What do you think these children think to themselves- being dragged out of their homes, having their possessions and houses damaged and burned?! Who do you think is creating the ‘terrorists’?!! Do you think these kids think to themselves, “Oh well- we learned our lesson. That’s that. Yay troops!” It’s like a vicious, moronic circle and people are outraged.”

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