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Jack the lad 

I’m a long-standing fan of Patrick O’Brian (read all 20 books, even went to a dinner in honour of the man himself), so I have to see this as soon as possible. I’m not sure I’d describe it as the Harry Potter of the managerial class, however. O’Brian’s writing is far too good for that.

Worth the detour 

Maybe a trip to Cyprus is in order: “A Greek play is to be staged for the first time in more than 2,050 years after fragments of the text were found in Egyptian mummy cases.
Cyprus’s national theatre company, Thoc, plans to perform a modern take on Achilles, a Trojan war trilogy by the dramatist Aeschylus, known as the father of tragedy. It will be performed in Cyprus and Greece. Scholars had believed his trilogy to be lost for ever when the Library of Alexandria burned down in 48BC.


John Robb: “The biggest part of the winning the war on terrorism isn’t our machinations in the ME, it is keeping the global economy growing over the long term (and expanding that growth to new areas of the world). New data indicates that the management of the US economy is key to making this happen (something the Bush team seems uniquely ill prepared to do — could you imagine a Russian, Mexican, or East Asian financial crisis with the Bush team at the helm?? Yikes!). If our economy falters, the global economy will contract severely spreading terrorism faster than we can stamp it out.”

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