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No RSS, no comment 

James McGee on RSS: “I get annoyed with sites that don’t provide a full RSS feed and insist on offering snippets or headlines only. Sites that provide no RSS feed essentially don’t exist for me. Selfish? Certainly. Shortsighted and apt to miss something of importance to me? Possibly, although I expect I’ll hear about it from one of my sources that does provide an RSS feed.

“95% of my online information comes to me by way of my aggregator. For much of what I am interested in — business uses of information technology and knowledge management related topics — important stories hit my aggregator two to three weeks before they show up in conventional online sources.”

A very accurate statement of my experience as well.

Blogging hits Today 

Weblogging finally made it onto the British national agenda this morning, thanks to a piece on Radio 4’s Today Programme (the clip should be available here). Cory Doctorow was interviewed along with a slightly clueless woman from Handbag.com, who was determined to assert the importance of professional editing to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness.

The item was unremarkable, except for Cory’s attempt to explain Trackback in a few words. I’ll hazard a guess that it marked the first time the word “ping” appeared on Today.

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