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In his own words 

According to Larry Lessig, Dennis Kucinich’s campaign blog is written by the man himself. If that’s so, he certainly has failed to find any kind of personal voice yet. I can’t recall a weblog entry that read so much like processed oatmeal.

“Last week, while speaking at a meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I listened to people’s concerns. Wherever I go in America, people express alarm at the growing concentration of power in the media. As President, I intend to use our justice department to file suits to break up the media monopolies. Also, I will issue an executive order requiring all FCC license holders in Radio and Television to provide free time for all candidates for federal office. These actions will promote free speech and return power to the people.”

I find it really hard to believe a single person could write that. Twenty years ago, when I used to write about architecture and design, I recall someone criticising a chair that had been designed by a Danish duo. “No one person could come up with something so awful. There had to be at least two of them.”

Worth remembering 

“The plural of anecdote is not data.” From The Guardian’s unmissable Bad Science column.

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