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Adding value to the web 

It looks like The New York Times’s archives are going to be open to weblogs. That’s great news. It should encourage other news media to take similar action (it’s mystifying why The Washington Post doesn’t have RSS feeds). Of major, credible sources, we now can count on the Times, The Guardian and the BBC. Let’s keep cranking up the volume.

Deal with reality 

Steven Pinker has provided an important riposte to the doomsters about genetic technology (Bill McKibben, Francis Fukuyama, Margaret Atwood). “Rather than decrying our posthuman future, thinkers should acknowledge the frailty of technological predictions and should base policy recommendations on likelihoods rather than fantasies.” Hooray.

Five years behind 

Why am I not surprised that the CIA is as backward with their technology as with their understanding of the world? “Directorate of Intelligence analysts work in an information technology environment that is largely isolated from the outside world.”

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