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Better late 

Long after everyone else I know got on the wireless cluetrain, I’ve finally enlisted. As is the contemporary style, I’m writing this from a Starbucks in Manhattan and have become a fully paid-up member of the lovers of Wi-Fi.

I’m enroute to my 25th reunion at Princeton, curiously in the same week that Doonesbury is parodying president Bush’s 35th Yale reunion. I don’t think my class will be quite like the Doonesbury version of a White House garden party, but I do fear that most of the attendees will be the people I pretty much avoided for four years.

But I am fascinated to see what’s become of a slice of the self-described best and brightest after a quarter of a century. Providing I find some Wi-Fi hotspots in Princeton, I’ll try to log some of my thoughts.

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