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Pressure on the press 

It looks like some of the US immigration service is cracking down on foreign journalists entering the country. The deportation of six French journalists who wanted to cover E3 would be funny if it wasn’t also worrying.

When I used to travel around emerging market countries for World Link, it was frequently necessary to travel as a plain vanilla businessman rather than a journalist. In the Middle East and parts of east Asia, journalists technically needed special visas, which weren’t always easy to come by. Those of us passing through for a few days or a week entered in mufti to avoid the hassle — and the possible rejection.

The US is the last place on earth that needs to behave like this.

Bravery and humour 

Stuart Hughes, a BBC journalist who lost his leg in land mine explosion in northern Iraq, has a weblog. I just heard him on the radio talking about his injury with both bravery and humour, which must be an extraordinarily rare combination in the circumstances.

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