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Catch 22 

Apparently the CIA is going to classify its report on scientific openness. “Last week, [the National Research Council’s] Kerry Brenner sent an e-mail to participants, passing along the message that CIA would be ‘assembling a short, classified summary’ of the meeting, and touching off a torrent of questions from the scientists. Several had spoken at the meeting about the necessity for biosecurity consultation to take place in a new, open model of interaction between researchers and security agencies, one that would replace the secret dealings of Cold War days.”

Aux armes, citoyens 

Duncan Campbell: “If you were quietly flicking between channels and English was not your first language, it would be easy enough to get the impression that the US was indeed at war with France.”

Rah-rah self-righteousness 

Nicholas Kristof: “Fundamentally, the administration’s overseas efforts resemble those of the Chinese Communist Party: excellent effort, lousy execution. The Bush administration knows how important this issue is (which the Clinton administration never did), but there’s a Beijing-style rah-rah self-righteousness, too earnest by half, so the propaganda fizzles, even from a $250,000 stage.”

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