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Slugging Libération 

Jason Burke’s Iraq diary is proving a must-read. “Fearing that some random freelancer was about to irredeemably anger a man who could send us all back to Ankara I told him to shut up. When he didn’t I hit him quite hard. He turned out to be the foreign editor of Libération, the great leftist Paris-based newspaper that I have always admired and enjoyed. This did not make me feel any better about the episode.”

Turkish worries  

The Financial Times has a remarkable angle on Turkey’s role in the Iraq crisis that I haven’t seen anyone else covering.

“A senior official said Washington was worried about plans by members of the Turkish general staff to send tanks and infantry deep into Iraq. This would be an effort, on the face of it, to forestall a grab by Kurdish forces for Iraqi oil assets in the north of the country — an ambition all the main Kurdish parties have denied. But it would have a strategic objective too. The official said that two generals, whom he would not name, saw ‘a chance for Turkey to end its Kurdish problem for once and for all’. This would potentially leave US troops standing in between tens of thousands of Kurdish forces and the tanks of the Turkish army. In that situation, the lightly armed forces of the US would be helpless.”

Could it really come to that? I know how important the military remains in Turkey, but I find it implausible that a Nato member and a democracy could seriously end up in a military standoff with the US.

Knowledge management  

I’ve always had a problem with the notion of knowledge management, and James McGee has finally helped me understand why.

“Knowledge management effortsÂ… have largely been a disappointment because they have tried to force knowledge into a product metaphor; trying to force what is fundamentally a product of craft into an industrial model of reusable parts.”

This is by way of his discussion on why weblogs will be important tools in the right kind of knowledge management.

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