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Look in amazement 

London at night: Photo of London at night, taken by the International Space Station

Surely not 

According to The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire (subscribers only), Michael Drosnin, author of the ludicrous hoax The Bible Code, “gets meetings with Pentagon’s top intelligence officer and CIA’s No. 3, on his theory that bin Laden’s hideaway is revealed in the Old Testament’s ancient Hebrew”.

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens  

I’m glad I continue to subscribe to the Google News Davos RSS feed. Otherwise I wouldn’t have learned that the composer of the chicken dance, Werner Thomas, was from Davos (from a valuable two-part story on chickens in decorating, collectibles and artwork).

No cheer 

Krugman: “Why is the administration so uninterested in helping the economy? Here’s my theory: The depressed state of the economy provides a convenient if bogus rationale for the huge, extremely irresponsible long-run tax cuts that, after Iraq, constitute this administration’s principal obsession. To do anything else to help the economy would suggest that it’s possible to create jobs now without putting the country’s future solvency at risk — and that’s not a message this administration wants to convey.”

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