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Revisiting Battle of Algiers 

Alan Stone provides a fascinating re-reading of the great Pontecorvo film Battle of Algiers, in the light of Islamic fundamentalism.

Think tank blog  

Demos, one of the most interesting policy think tanks in the UK, has created a weblog for its staff to note ideas and developments, called the Greenhouse. The motivation for the weblog is notable.

“First and foremost the Greenhouse is our ‘outboard brain’. We find it’s a simple and accessible way to capture useful data, knowledge, informed opinion, cuttings and other weblinks — the raw stuff which our ideas are based upon.

“It’s also a bit of an experiment in ‘open policy’ creation. We’re very keen to follow a more open approach to policy research and formulation — to build public policy in public, as it were. Occasionally we’ll try out new ideas on the blog before they’re published, in order to get input directly via comments from readers.”

More organisations need to do this.

Internet president  

Before the presidential elections in South Korea, I’d read a few pieces about how important the Internet had been in the campaign. But The Guardian makes clear that this was more than a passing electoral fancy. “When he takes office tomorrow, 56-year-old Roh Moo-hyun will become the youngest president in South Korea’s history, the first never to have graduated from university and probably the only national leader to have won power through the internet.”

An accompanying article on what 70% broadband penetration means in Korea is also important reading. “The younger generation get all their information from the web. Some don’t even bother with TVs. They just download the programmes.”

Emailer beware  

I didn’t realise that the Laurie Garrett roundup of Davos I pointed to before I went skiing was a source of controversy and considerable comment. Bruce Sterling has an enjoyable exegesis of the Garrett email and Yale Law School’s Law Meme has an extensive discussion of the privacy issues the dissemination of the email raises.

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