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On the slopes 

We’re off to the mountains tomorrow morning for a week of skiing (flying from Heathrow, needless to say — should I worry?). There will be a strictly observed posting hiatus on Davos Newbies until Monday 24 February.

Jackhammer to ivory towers  

The irrepressible Dave Winer is spreading the weblog gospel at Harvard. Donna Wentworth’s live notes on Dave’s evening session on weblogging sound great. Dan Bricklin has pictures.

Seeking the truth  

“The public is already too cynical and doesn’t know what to believe. We’re becoming Sovietized. We have to read gossip on the Net to have a hint at what might be going on. This is not right.” John Dvorak is upset that reality TV may not be all it seems. But I think he’s haring off in the wrong direction by lamenting the Internet’s role as a truth seeker. I wish major media would do the digging (and in many cases it does), but I’m delighted there are now vast numbers of other diggers for the truth.

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