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Advice to candidates 

Al From and Bruce Reed of the Democratic Leadership Council have written a memo to presidential candidates on what it will take to win. It’s sobering reading: “The conventional wisdom is that there is no front-runner in the Democratic race. That’s not quite true. The real front-runner, fresh off its triumph in the midterms, is the Democratic Party’s losing image.”


I’ve written before that the BBC can claim to understand the power of the Internet more than any other big media organisation I can think of (aided, without doubt, by the fact that it doesn’t need to justify its Internet investment through any commercial criteria). Their call for users to submit photos of anti-war protest is an important straw in the wind of opening up to allow the two-way web to become reality.


“Viewed from the outside, Mr. Bush’s America does not look like a regime whose promises you can trust.” Paul Krugman accurately diagnoses one of the factors in the current Atlantic rift.

Better late 

Out of inertia as much as anything, I have maintained my subscription to the Google News feed on Davos. It’s of diminishing interest to me (I get a lot of stories about snowfalls and avalanches, rather than summits), but there are occasional items that are more pertinent. Dennis Kneale from Forbes has perhaps the most flavourful roundup of the Davos summit that I’ve read this year. He has a particularly nice way of finessing information from “off the record” sessions.

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