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Gerard Baker has an interesting piece on anti-Europeanism in today’s Financial Times (subscribers only). He reckons that, contrary to what some European observers are reporting, there is remarkably little resentment against “old Europe” outside tight Washington circles. “Mostly, it is because Americans do not really care very much what Europeans think. America’s pre-eminence and Europe’s irrelevance have numbed US citizens to anything Europeans say about them.”

And Felix Salmon points me to a piece in the March/April issue of Foreign Affairs on anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanism by former FT editor Richard Lambert. “American views of Europe are informed by stereotypes — only in this case, they frequently reflect a Europe that has passed.”

You do the math 

“What does it take to produce a military victory?” Princeton economist Alan Krueger looks at some topical work by economists to use the production function to determine what produces battlefield success.

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  1. Peter Gallagher

    Hmm.. yes, but look at the level of statistical ‘confidence’ reported for the results of the work. Only 25% better than random guesses!

    As a “production function”, its a bit limp. Wouldn’t you say?


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