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Porto Alegre blogs 

Prentiss Riddle points me to an interesting weblog that covered the Porto Alegre World Social Forum, that ran simultaneously to the World Economic Forum. For reasons I haven’t fathomed, the same blogger puts his photo coverage on a separate site.

I remain baffled that no one apart from Joi Ito was blogging from Davos. (Chris Anderson’s four dispatches in Slate are worth reading — particularly the one on Japan — but I’m sure Chris would agree that they do not a blog make.) Maybe (put conspiracy hat on) a decree has gone out that bloggers should be put on a Davos blacklist.

Optimistic Wolf 

The Financial Times’s Martin Wolf is not be nature an optimist. And, to be honest, today’s column (subscribers only) isn’t exactly filled with rosy uplands. But for Martin, it counts as optimism.

“The Iraq crisis should soon be over and, with it, the rift inside the west. Oil prices should fall. Stock markets may well bottom and the correction of the dollar may continue. As the dollar weakens, Japan may feel forced to accelerate monetary expansion and structural reforms, while Germany, which lacks all instruments of macroeconomic policy, may at least feel compelled to deregulate. Last but not least, the new trade round may be given a boost by worried policymakers, partly to offset the perception of western disarray. Despair is a sin. The world can become better, once again. It is our duty to make it so.”

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