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Where are the bloggers? 

Perhaps I inhabit a very artificial world, where I expect webloggers to pop up wherever they are needed. They certainly don’t seem to be much in evidence in Davos. Joi Ito is providing real insight into his Davos experience, but where are the others? Ironically, before blogging became a mass art, both Dan Gillmor and I were blogging Davos. And of course when Dave Winer came in 2000, he conveyed both the excitement and the insight of a newbie. But we’re not there this year.

It’s a pity, because I miss a sense of what’s happening outside the big speeches that everyone reports (on that score, apparently both Colin Powell and Lula were very good). In many ways, in fact, we’ve moved into a world where meetings without bloggers are missing a major added dimension both for their participants and for the outside world. But I’ve always thought that.

There are plenty of conventional reports. The Wall Street Journal Europe has a fun diary (subscribers only) and the Financial Times devotes its daily diary to Davos today (not restricted to subscribers, hallelujah). Both report that Brazilian central bank governor Henrique Meirelles broke his ankle in three places when he slipped on an icy pavement. Meirelles joins a distinguished club of Davos participants who sustained severe injuries on the ice. A few years ago, David Walker, then head of Morgan Stanley in Europe, broke his collarbone in a similar accident. The New York Times echoes everyone’s trope for this year’s Davos: times are tough, and Davos is sober and austere.

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, does have an enjoyable entry in his Dispatches from Davos on Slate. “Yuck is culturally determined,” says Nobelist and CalTech president David Baltimore.

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