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I may just be imagining this, but the major news sources seem to be much lighter on pre-Davos coverage than in the past few years. Time magazine (at least in its European edition) has a big feature on an interesting group of young Europeans who will be in Davos, and that’s about it. Newsweek, which used to devote considerable space to Davos, has nothing this week.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings in the heavyweight business newspapers. I know The Wall Street Journal Europe is planning a lot of coverage and the signs are the Financial Times will be there in force as well. After the glut of New York Times coverage last (when the meeting was on its home turf), I expect far more normal service to be resumed.

More exceptionalism 

Julian Borger has a novel take on the Bush tax plan. He thinks it points up a major divide between US and European attitudes.

“Any European politician proposing such a elitist fiscal policy would be destroyed in the press and the polls… While Europeans overwhelmingly identify with the social class they sprang from, far more Americans expect to be rich themselves one day. In material terms they are an extraordinarily optimistic people… To most Americans, the downturn still seems a temporary hitch, such is the faith in the dynamism and resourcefulness of American enterprise, and small investors are biding their time waiting for the next boom.”

From the frontline 

This just in from a friend who is in Davos. “Wonderful snowfall yesterday, so Davos is gleaming. There’s still nothing like Davos and the place feels so RIGHT this afternoon. A pleasant buzz in the air.”

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