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Runners and riders 

I can’t fathom why it’s taken me so long to catch up with the Daily Kos’s Cattle Call analysis of Democratic hopefuls for 2004. Well written and, to my eyes, pretty much spot on.

Inspired by Daily Kos, Uggabugga has come up with this extraordinary chart.

Cattle call: Uggabugga's graphic of the Daily Kos Cattle Call

99 years 

Brink Lindsey commemorates the 99th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight. The Wright Brothers National Memorial, which he mentions, is an immensely evocative place to visit. In addition to the simple markers showing takeoff and landing points for their first flights, there is a wonderful parade of private planes landing briefly throughout the day at the adjacent airfield. If you’re a pilot, you touch down to pay your respects to the great innovators.

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